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  • News and Updates :: August Update 2019

    News and Updates, 6 hours ago
    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to our August Update. This update is just a small one in comparison of things to come. Its been a while, we know. Today we will mostly just be refreshing the event and implementing some changes requested on our discord.

    New Content:
    • Summer Event has begun! - Its late but the sun is still shining! - Expect small additions to this event within the next week. Read: Click
    • Summer Screenshot Event has started! Submit to our discord to enter! Read: Click
    • Passion of Iris has been added to the Cash Shop - This item combines with all items and boosters and lets you get an additional 30% EXP.
    • Master Stones +19 and +20 have been added as a small drop chance from the Mysterious Kailux and Dilamun Generals around the maps. The Generals have had slight health increases to compensate for this.
    • Castle Owners can now finally collect their costumes in Juno from the Siege Management Soldier instead of being required to run back to Merac or Dratan.
    • Bags of Scrap have had the amount of Silver Scraps available doubled.
    • Giant Mole Boss in Arcadia should now be level 250 to allow for drop farming.

      Want to keep up to date and talk directly to staff? Join our discord:

      That's about it for now! Expect more news soon!

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  • Events :: Summer Event 2019

    Events, 6 hours ago

    Hello Ethernals! Today we introduce our Summer Event!

    [Event] Summer Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer & NightShadow Drops
    Gold Booster
    Item Drop Booster
    Skill Point Booster
    Holy Water of Strenght
    Medal of the Mercenary
    EC Summer 2016 Token
    EC Summer 2016 Box I
    EC Summer 2016 Box II

    EC Summer 2016 Box I Contents
    [5 Token to open]

    Summer Small MP Potion
    Summer Small HP Potion
    Summer Small Evasion Potion
    Summer Small HitRate Potion
    Summer Small Defense Potion
    Summer Small Attack Potion
    Platinum Adrenaline
    MP steal potion
    HP steal potion
    Sunglasses Box

    EC Summer 2016 Box II Contents
    [10 Token to open]

    Summer Big MP Potion
    Summer Big HP Potion
    Summer Big Evasion Potion
    Summer Big HitRate Potion
    Summer Big Defense Potion
    Summer Big Attack Potion
    Superior Huge Lucky Scroll
    Restart Raid Dungeon
    Custom Title Scroll (24h)
    Swimming Suit Box

    [Event] Summer Bosses drops
    Summer Big MP Potion
    Summer Big HP Potion
    Summer Big Evasion Potion
    Summer Big HitRate Potion
    Summer Big Defense Potion
    Summer Big Attack Potion
    Platinum Blessed Iris
    Experience Booster
    Bag of Stolen Scraps
    Master Stone +23
    Platinum Legendary Scroll
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 15
    Jewel Pocket Grade 15
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 16
    Jewel Pocket Grade 16
    [Skill Book] Bless of Guild
    Summer Shirt Box

    [Event] Summer Bosses Locations
    85, 140
    1190, 190
    130, 1000
    1065, 1350
    580, 1315
    1265, 700

    Image Image

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  • Events :: Summer Screenshots Event 2019

    Events, 6 hours ago

    Hello Eternians!
    Summer Screenshots Event is here!

    Event Info

    Event starts on 23.08 and will end on 31.08. On that day, the event will be closed and then we will choose the winners.

    To participate on this Event, you need to submit screenshots of your character wearing a Swimsuit Costume. Only entries using these costumes will be valid. You can also choose a location for your Screenshot that is in some way related to Summer. We will choose the winner judging those factors, and also originality and quality of the picture.

    You must post two screenshots of your character and the name of your character. The two screenshots must be identical, with the same position, costume, location, etc. But one of them should be clean, (pressing x) and the other should show the user interface. This is of course to show the name of your character and the date, to prove that the screenshot is indeed yours, and done recently for this event.

    To submit your entries please use our Discord:

    There, you must submit your entries into our special Summer Screenshots channel under the Events Category.

    Example of valid entry:



    IGN: Arashu

    Event Rules
    • You need to post two pictures, one clean and another with the user interface, for your entry to be valid, and also the name of your character.
    • The character shown in the picture must be yours, or you will be disqualified.
    • Screenshots can't be edited, cropped, or manipulated on any way.
    • Modifications on textures to change the appearance of any character, costume, hairstyle, etc. are not allowed.
    • Only one participation and one character per person, we will check IPs to avoid people using different forum accounts to cheat. If you get caught you not only will be disqualified from the event but you could also get infracted. Don't cheat!
    • Screenshots must be posted in the Discord.
    • Entries need to follow all our Discord and game rules.
    Event Prizes

    1st Place - 10.000 Cash Points.
    2nd Place - 8.000 Cash Points.
    3rd Place - 6.000 Cash Points.

    We are waiting for your screenshots! Good luck!

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