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  • News and Updates :: Character Name Cleanup! :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 17 hours ago
    Hey guys!

    As you know, our server is old. When I say old, I really mean it! We have characters dating all the back to 2011!

    As a result, names have been taken for years and years with no real reasoning why. Well today that's changed.

    All old character names of deleted characters have now been cleared. You are free to make new characters with these names or use a rename card.

    To celebrate this, we will be running a 50% off sale of Character Rename Cards in the cash shop until December 31st.

    Thanks for playing!

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  • News and Updates :: November Update - 2018 :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 1 week ago
    Hey Guys!

    Today we bring you a small update along with a late Halloween Event. As the server did not launch until the week of Halloween, we did not get a chance to celebrate it. Now we will!

    Halloween will last all of November until Christmas Event starts in early December.

    Halloween Event is Live! New Trade System active for token prizes. New C2 Weapon System Added - Only Halloween Covers for now! New C2 Costumes - Specter Halloween Costumes - Lasts 60 days! Fixed Lvl 17 Chaos Jewel Pocket New Mounts - Two Available on Halloween NPC - Two Available on Cash Chaos Malachite % rates adjusted to: 4/8/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/40/44/48/52/56/60/64/68 Chaos Argonite Lv. 16 & 17 seals fixed Telerium boss monsters have been increased to level 300 Cursed Tower monsters have been increased closer to current level cap Added new [Giant] version of boxes to Jinarr, Keron and Owl Affinity Shops - Gives x10 items compared to normal boxes

    CLASS BALANCE (small quick stuff, big stuff later with testers) Adjusted Royal Knights Offensive Posture :
    (Gives 20% Attack and -60% movespeed at max level) Adjusted Royal Knight's Soul to :
    (Magic Evasion 15% + Magical Defense 5%) Adjusted Temple Knights Soul to:
    (Magic Defense 25% + Magic Evasion 5) Adjusted Witch's Decay to be:
    (-2/-4/-6/-8/-10/-12/-12 from -5/-10/-15/-20/-25/-30/-35) Adjusted Witch/ArchWitch Stone Accuracy from 80% to 75%. Adjusted ArchWitch's Storm Cloud Accuracy from 90% to 75%. Adjusted ArchWizard/Wizard Ice Ball and Wind Storm skills damage
    (Explanation: After checking all class skills damages, Wizards were found to be the highest of all damage, by nearly 50% extra.) Adjusted ArchWitch/Witch's Dark Smog skill damage
    (Explanation: Not as drastic as the Wizard Changes, however these changes bring Witch damage down to an appropriate level considering all the other tools available in her kit.) Adjusted Assassin/Ex-Asssing/ExRanger's base attack via Ethernal Damage passive:
    (All classes of rogue should have a bit more attack now except Ranger) Adjusted NightShadow's Deadly Light damage and effect:
    (Added possible chance of bonus damage. This should hopefully offset the slower cast speed.)

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  • News and Updates :: GameSage Applications - November 2018 :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 2 weeks ago

    Hello Ethernals! We have come to you today with a new GameSage Recruitment!
    We are in dire need of dedicated individuals with proven knowledge to help our server.
    If you want to join us and have a great time helping us improve the server, don't miss the opportunity and apply!

    What are we looking for?
    - People who want to help the server and have time to dedicate it to it.
    - Mature attitude: people who can work on a team and be friendly to Staff and to other players.
    - Experience and good knowledge of Last Chaos in general, and our server in particular.
    - Decent English level (enough to communicate with the Staff and Community without using google translator).

    Important Note:
    - Activity and Usage of Discord is now going to be mandatory for ALL staff. Please have the program installed and able to be used at all times.

    What are the duties of a GameSage?
    - Be active in game and Discord, giving support to players with their doubts and issues.
    - Report any kind of problem that appears on the game like bugs or server errors to High Staff.
    - Monitoring Sieges and reporting people breaking the rules.
    - Do GameSage Events.

    To send an application, Click Here.
    The Recruitment will be open from November 6th to November 15th.

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  • Events :: Cursed Ranking Winners :: Author Dragon

    Events, 3 weeks ago
    Cursed Ranking Winners

    Hello Ethernals!

    On this thread we will announce the winners of the Cursed Ranking every 14 days.

    Rewards were expanded on a past patch, so now we will give prizes to the 3 first places, the only requirement is you need to do at least 1 million points to get a reward!
    So if you got 1 million points and you are one of the top 3, you will receive one of these rewards:

    Cursed Ranking 1st Place Reward Box

    Magusa Senator Jewith Scroll x30
    Even Wayne Scroll x30
    Anna Scroll x30
    Medal of the Mercenary x3000
    Orange Candle x30
    Orange Lucky Pouch x60
    [Skill Book] Bless of Guild x3
    Master Stone +1 (Max +25) x1
    8Lv Jewel Box x1
    Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x1
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x1
    Alber Ranking Winner Title x1

    Cursed Ranking 2nd Place Reward Box

    Magusa Senator Jewith Scroll x20
    Even Wayne Scroll x20
    Anna Scroll x20
    Medal of the Mercenary x2000
    Orange Candle x20
    Orange Lucky Pouch x40
    [Skill Book] Bless of Guild x2
    Master Stone +1 (Max +24) x1
    8Lv Jewel Box x1
    Jewel Pocket Grade 15 x1
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 15 x1

    Cursed Ranking 3rd Place Reward Box

    Magusa Senator Jewith Scroll x10
    Even Wayne Scroll x10
    Anna Scroll x10
    Medal of the Mercenary x1000
    Orange Candle x10
    Orange Lucky Pouch x20
    [Skill Book] Bless of Guild x1
    Master Stone +1 (Max +23) x1
    8Lv Jewel Box x1
    Jewel Pocket Grade 14 x1
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 14 x1

    Remember that you can check the Cursed Ranking Guide to get all the info about this Ranking.

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  • News and Updates :: Arcadia Update :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 3 weeks ago

    Welcome to Ethernal LC's first update!

    Here I will outline the new additions to our server.

    - New Content: New Map of Arcadia - Explore an all new land!
    - New Content: New Affinities of Arcadia - Light of Arcadia and Darkness of Arcadia
    - New Content: Level 250 Level Cap - Adventure in Arcadia to reach new heights!
    - New Content: Level 250 Armor/Weapon sets - Craft these via new materials earned in the map and affinities!
    - New Content: Upgrade Cap increased to +25 - Masterstones +23, +24, +25 added
    - New Content: New Jewels lvl 16, 17 and lvl 9 added
    - More small changes here and there

    More details including detailed guides and information will be posted soon, stay tuned!

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  • News and Updates :: Current Donation Methods :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 4 weeks ago
    Note About Donations: Currently we are accepting payments through PayPal via our website. Currently the process is manual as we implement backend changes.

    If you donate, please message me on discord or forums with the following:
    Donation Amount:
    Donation Email Used:

    We will automate this process soon, until then please be patient for coins to be delivered.

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  • News and Updates :: Ethernal Last Chaos Opens! :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 4 weeks ago
    Hello dear players!

    I am happy to announce that our servers are NOW open. Please download the client from the main page and patch it to connect to our servers.

    Important: Our server time is now GMT+2 (Berlin/Germany)

    Note: Please be patient as there may be issues of bugs that may require immediate attention. Ethernal Last Chaos reserves the right to at any time restart or close the servers to fix any issues that come up.

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  • Events :: Loyal Donator Rewards :: Author Dragon

    Events, 4 weeks ago
    Loyal Donator Rewards

    Hello Ethernal Players!

    Today we bring you a special new system rewarding the players who support our server with donations. In recent times we have implemented many new ways to earn cash items in game and make it easier for non donators, and we can say the game is easier than ever. But now it's the time to show our appreciation and gratitude to the people who are donating so that the server can stay alive, because without them, we wouldn't be here!

    We have created this system that will reward players with gifts depending on how much cash they donate. This system is a new and improved version of the "Top Donators" system we had in the past. Unfortunately, only the people who donated the most were able to get rewards, these were never the same and changed randomly, there wasn't any reference players could take to know if they would get a prize, and some months we didn't even have rewards... We are changing that now! From now on we will have a clear system that everyone will be able to access, and that will work every month without fail. Also, not only the top donators who pay the most will get prizes, but also smaller rewards will be given to people who can't donate that much. We will explain this in detail below, keep reading to know more!

    The Loyal Donator Rewards are monthly gifts that Ethernal Last Chaos will give to the players who donate certain amounts of coins. They are gifts we will be giving from now on to show our appreciation and reward people who helps our server with their money. There are 4 levels that you can achieve with 4 different reward packs: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The more you donate, the better your gift will be. Since the rewards are monthly, you must reach these levels donating the minimun amount of coins required on the current month to get a reward. The rewards consist of packs containing valuable cash items, a title, and a special surprise. The surprise will change every month. Of course higher levels will get better surprise gifts. That's all we can say, or it wouldn't be a surprise Once the month finishes, the count starts over, and you will have again an entire month to donate to reach your desired level. We will send the reward packs to the ones who achieved any of these levels on the first week of each month.
    We count the amount of coins that each account has donated. This means that if you want to receive these gifts, you must do all your donations with the same account. If you split your donations in different accounts, we won't combine them. We will award players per account, not per person. So if you want to use this system, make sure you load your cash on the same account. However, if you reached already the biggest reward on your account, you can start donating on another to get more rewards on the other account. For example, you load the 150k to get to the Diamond reward on your account, but the month hasn't ended yet, and you want to keep donating. Then you can start loading on another account, and get rewards on that account too. There is no restriction for this. If you want to donate and reach Diamond level on each of 5 different accounts, you will receive 5 reward packs. We won't count your donations in dollars, euros, or any other real currency. We will only count in Ethernal Points. The points you get when donating change depending on what donation system you use, and how big your donations are each time. Of course bigger donations benefit on our already existent bonuses in our donation panel. You will only get one reward pack per account. If you reach Silver level, you will get a Silver Donator Reward. If you reach Diamond level, you will only get the Diamond Donator Reward. You will get the reward of the maximum level you achieve when the month ends, not all the rewards of every level. Rewards are generous enough and they are worth thousands of cash points. We will count the donations between 00:00 of day 1 of the month until the month ends. There will be no exceptions. We will use GMT+0 schedule. If you want to donate on the first or last day of the month, make sure you are doing it properly. If you donate the last day of the month but you are late, and your donation is done on day 1 of the next, it will count for next month. Same reasoning if you want to donate on day 1, but the month hasn't started yet in GMT+0 timezone. Again, there will be no exceptions with this. We will only count the donations that are done in time. If you live on a different time zone, you can always check GMT+0 here: Rewards will be sent on the first week of every month. This means between day 1 and 7, depending on how much work Staff has. There's people who doesn't read this information and comes complaining to us every month, maybe on day 3 or 4, asking why the rewards haven't been sent yet. If day 7 hasn't passed yet, then there's still time for us to deliver them. Please have patience and wait.


    If you donate from 25.000 to 49.999 cash points, you will get a Silver Donator Reward Pack, that consists on the following items:

    Master Stone +24
    Advanced Grade Reformer x10
    Deep Blue Rune of Protection x10
    Socket Reset Card x10
    Strong Medicine x50
    Silver Donator Title
    Silver Surprise Gift

    This pack is worth 4.998 cash points (without taking into account the value of the Surprise).


    If you donate from 50.000 to 99.999 cash points, you will get a Gold Donator Reward Pack, that consists on the following items:

    Master Stone +25
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 16
    Jewel Pocket Grade 16
    Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Lv.1
    Lv.9 Jewel Box
    Gold Donator Title
    Gold Surprise Gift

    This pack is worth 6.300 cash points (without taking into account the value of the Surprise).


    If you donate from 100.000 to 149.999 cash points, you will get a Platinum Donator Reward Pack, that consists on the following items:

    Master Stone +25 x2
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x2
    Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x2
    Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Lv.1 x2
    Lv.9 Jewel Box x2
    Platinum Donator Title
    Platinum Surprise Gift

    This pack is worth 12.600 cash points (without taking into account the value of the Surprise).


    If you donate 150.000 cash points or more, you will get a Diamond Donator Reward Pack, that consists on the following items:

    Master Stone +25 x3
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x3
    Jewel Pocket Grade 16 x3
    Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Lv.1 x3
    Lv.9 Jewel Box x3
    Diamond Donator Title
    Diamond Surprise Gift

    This pack is worth 18.900 cash points (without taking into account the value of the Surprise).

    We hope you like this new system we are introducing to reward people who loads cash to contribute to the server,
    and that these gifts we created are appreciated by our loyal donators.
    Thank you to everyone who supports the server!

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  • News and Updates :: [FAQ] Welcome to Ethernal Last Chaos! :: Author Dragon

    News and Updates, 4 weeks ago
    It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Ethernal Last Chaos!

    We will open our servers in just a few days. As we welcome back old and new players alike, I would like to answer some questions and give you some details about our server.

    Is this server based off Eternia Games Last Chaos?
    - Yes! This server is actually an exact copy of Eternia Last Chaos, up until the last day of closure. We have retained all accounts, characters, items, etc. Consider this as the new home of Eternia players, everything will be right where you left it.
    What happened to Eternia Last Chaos?
    - Well, to put it shortly, money. EGLC ran into financial issues and was forced to close its doors after nearly 9 years of service.
    What will happen here?
    - We will continue where we left off on EGLC, adding new content and adjusting old where seen fit. Ethernal LC is now under sole ownership of myself, this means no one else is getting the profits and the server will have some flexibility in its slow seasons. The less people expecting money, means the longer the server can run on the income it makes. This server is run entirely out of my own passion, money, and free time. Please consider donating if you appreciate our work.
    What about my donations on EGLC?
    - Unfortunately, that is the one data along with security codes that I was not able to save in the closing process. This means any previous transaction history and cash balances are no longer available. Everyone will log into the server with 0 Cash. This is truly regrettable, however it is simply the situation at hand, on the bright side the server is not gone forever!
    Will my old EGLC client let me play here?
    - No it will not. To play on Ethernal Last Chaos you will need to download our new client to connect to our servers. You can find our client on the main webpage or here:
    Thank you to everyone for their support and we hope to see players new and old on our servers!

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